Minecraft ocean underwater


The ultra-versatile RPG skills plugin

Enhance the survival experience

AuraSkills is a feature packed skills plugin designed to add depth to your server. Players level up skills to gain stat levels and unlock both passive and abilities.

Keep players engaged

The skills system rewards players for time spent on core Minecraft activities. Stats make players incrementally stronger while abilities introduce convenient and unique mechanics.

Build an RPG system

With an extensive configuration and feature set, AuraSkills is the perfect foundation for your RPG experience. Create custom items, loot tables, and rewards to take full advantage of the skills system.


Learn about the core gameplay elements.


Players gain skill XP and level up by doing tasks or actions specific to a skill.

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Stats are specific gameplay buffs gained alongside leveling skills.

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Each skill has 5 passive abilities that level up every 5 skill levels by default.

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Mana Abilities

Skills can have an active ability that consumes mana when activated.

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Discover all the main features the plugin has to offer.


Add fully custom rewards - like executing commands and giving items on level up.

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Intuitive and fully configurable menus show players everything they need to know about skills - accessed using /skills.

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Customize XP sources for each skill, with support for custom blocks and items.

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Customize loot from any specific block and mob XP source, with support for any item and commands.

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Stat Modifiers

Modify any stat value with commands or while using custom items or armor.

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XP Multipliers

Multiply skill XP with the power of permissions or link multipliers to items.

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Pre-translated messages for 15+ languages that are fully configurable and user-selectable.

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Item Requirements

Add skill level requirements to use a specific item or all items of a type.

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Numerous provided PlaceholderAPI placeholders, plus widespread placeholder support within the plugin.

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XP Requirements

Configure XP required to level up for each skill with full equation support.

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Developer API

A comprehensive developer API with support for adding custom skills, stats, and abilities.

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Support for database storage with MySQL for higher performance and cross-server syncing.

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A mana system used by mana abilities and interactable with commands and placeholders.

Action/Boss Bar

Configurable action and boss bars for displaying health, mana, and when XP is gained.


Skill leaderboards and rankings, including power level and skill average.


Automatic backups to protect your user data in case of an emergency.

Worlds and Regions

Support for disabling the plugin in a world or disabling XP gain in a WorldGuard region.

Damage Holograms

Display damage dealt by players including syling for criticals when combined with a holograms plugin.